July 2019

Ellie Kemper

What’s Hot July 31st 2019

Today Whitney Cummings reveals the Real Reason She Quit the ‘Roseanne’ Reboot and made a sex robot of herself and Marianne Williamson Only got nine minutes of speaking time in the debate last night and when she spoke to a child reporter she brought up her dead cat

Camila Morrone

What’s Hot July 28th 2019

Much like old people – out of season athletes generally don’t want to see their names on this list. Usually it means you got traded, suspended, or injured. Today a pair of NFL receivers A.J. Green and Golden Tate make the list

What’s Hot July 27th 2019

The Boys are back ( sorry, i just couldn’t NOT ) for the 2nd straight day. Two day trends in the top ten are more rare than you might think, so good job “The Boys”.

rip amy winehouse

What’s Hot July 23rd 2019

Thanks to Bella Thorne Pansexual is trending the hardest today. On the same day “Bachelor Live on Stage” went viral as well – its a strange time to be alive my friends…