Trendiest Today 8.16.19

As we continue to move into our new digital space we must apologize for missing yesterdays posting. Despite being berated by the lovely Teresa Gail for still running the main script from a laptop – lets just say this system still has a few different moving parts…

Roger Federer
Is getting old, but Damn, it’s about time, ok. Jeeze.
Dale Earnhardt Jr
Was in some sort of crash. No, a plane crash – with his family and they survived!
Dow Jones
Believe me I would rather be posting news about little-people 30 day fiancee island but the trade war is lost and all hope is gone.
DeMarcus Cousins
This man is injured *again*. Every time he is about to get paid he hurts himself, he needs an intervention.
Today’s hottest Twitter hashtag brought to by SJW outrage.
Conor McGregor
Nobody likes someone that’s allays starting shit Conor. Nobody.
GE stock
The General Electric Company stock has been on quite the roller coaster.
50 years ago so many people gathered in the mud to listen to Jimi Hendrix and some other people…
ICE used to make this list all the time. This time it’s about a corrections officer driving into a crowd of Jewish ICE protestors…
Finally today, we bring you the news that Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland. Yes, that Greenland…


  1. Avatar
    Krystal Koko says:

    This time it’s about a corrections officer driving into a crowd of Jewish ICE protesters…

    That’s some funny shit right there…

    1. Avatar
      trendiest ( User Karma: 106 ) says:

      More disrespectful than Raw-Doggin’ a porn star while your wife is pregnant with your child Susan?

  2. Avatar
    ImRightYourOut says:

    Donald Trump says some crazy shit man… It’s a good thing that everyone knows not to take the President too seriously.

  3. Oprah
    Oprah ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    It’s hilarious how some of these posts bring people here from Google about a very specific topic – like one of the items on the list for that day – this time it’s Greenland, on another post it’s an NFL QB’s penis…

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