September 2019

Devin nunes is batshit crazy

Thursday’s Trendingist Topics

Whistleblower sets the record for the longest time as the number one trending topic, Eric Weddle and A.B are in a Twitter war, and Devin Nunes is batshit crazy

whistleblower gate

Tending on September 19th 2019

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There are other headlines today, but there is just one story: Whistleblower-Gate! Even then The View Can’t get enough of this story…

Today’s Trendiest Topics and Things

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Petulant child Corey Lewandowski was testifying in front of congress today, where there are impeachment hearings but no impeachment proceedings, and 6ix9ine turns on his crew.

9 11

Trendiest 9 11

No snarky comments, no clever comeback, nor anything else you’ve come to expect from Trendiest Today – Today we are somberly remembering September 11th 2001.

The Trendiest Today the 9th of September

Trending This Monday

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Chrissy Teigen calls the President of the United States a “pussy ass bitch”, The NFL dominates the headlines like nothing else all year to date, and I betcha forgot to be scared of the Taliban, didn’tcha?

Trendiest Today Weekend Edition

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The Raiders done kicked Mr. Big Chest off the damn team! How long until the Redskins try and sign him? In other news Joe Biden wants to be president but his eyes keep filling up with blood…

Trending on Friday

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Pamela Anderson yells at stupid sexy Megan McCain, Antonio Brown has lost his damn mind, and Eric Trump is a dumbass.