October 2019

star wars breaks my trendiest system

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Today we roll out the beginnings of the new format for this site. We’ve heard from our users and they want their data fast, and we aim to please!

Tulsi is a hero Hillary is a war criminal

Trendiest 10.21.19

Today people are talking about the Tornado in Dallas, Kate Beckinsale bends way over, and Rolling Stone posted and article about Kurt Cobain’s sweater. And it’s trending. Really.

Trendiest Today NFL Edition

Mason Rudolph got knocked the F out in the Steelers Ravens game, Troy Aikman resents that today’s QB’s don’t take the beating that he did, and the Cowboys suck.

Civil War 2

Trending Tuesday

It’s never a good sign when Civil War 2 is trending the hardest no matter what country you are in… In other news Zantac will give you cancer, Mike Pompeo didn’t technically lie, and everyone hates Sturgill Simpson except me and Joe Rogan.

Trending Monday Topics

Today Donald Trump tried to start a civil war on Twitter, stupid sexy Stacey Dash was arrested, and Vontaze Burfict was suspended for the rest of the season. The later comes a little too late for A.B…