Trending December 16th 2019


Today I learned that the Internet hates Mayor Pete, Trump still dominates the news, Carly says he should be impeached but that she would prolly vote for him, and PewDiePie is tired.

trendiest score fire
#NeverPete: The Internet hates Buttigieg. 0.8 0.7
Five senior aides to Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey resigned on Sunday 0.7 0.6
Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their Agent. 0.6 0.6
#AdsThatShouldBePulled 0.6 0.5
PewDiePie Retires from YouTube because… Tired. 0.6 0.4
The NFL playoff picture is taking shape. 0.5 0.4
LSU QB Joe Burrow is the 2019 Heisman winner 0.4 0.3
Fortnite StarWars Event… Is Trending. God Help us. 0.3 0.2
Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina says Trump should be impeached but she’ll prolly vote for him. 0.2 0.2
Even Fox News viewers think Donald Trump should be impeached. 0.2 0.1


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    Franchie Fran says:

    Is this a real website? ‘Cauze it is not covered in ads, cookie pop ups, subscription pitches, nor does it ask me for my locations – so…

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      trendiest ( User Karma: 106 ) says:

      Hey Franchie! We like to think so but that is certainly open to interpretation. Thanks for making it just a little better with your commenting goodness.

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