Impeachment Hearings is Trending Today

impeach donnie

President Porn Star shagger asks nation to pray for him, ’cause: impeachment! In other news Twitter wants Trump to resign, the House of Representatives does the most newsworthy thing of the year so far, and some Russian generals say World War 3 is just around the corner… Merry Holidays!

trendiest score fire
Impeachment Hearings – the hottest trending term so far this entire year 1.0 0.9
#WordWarThree 0.7 0.6
#ResignTrump is Trending on Twitter today. It’s also the general sentiment of Twitter everyday. 0.6 0.6
President Porn Star shagger asks nation to pray for him during impeachment, ‘cauze: innocent 0.6 0.5
Tekashi69 Sentenced 2 Years After Testifying Against Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods 0.5 0.5
Jake Hoot wins Season 17 of ‘The Voice’ 0.4 0.4
The NFL annouces the 2020 Pro Bowl Roster 0.3 0.3
Boeing Waiting for Goverment Bailout after halting production of 737 MaxPass Killer 0.3 0.2
Jacksonville Jags generate 25% of grievances in the NFL. 0.2 0.2
Bots are stealing artwork from artists on Twitter? 0.1 0.1


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      trendiest ( User Karma: 106 ) says:

      oh oprah – You’re the diet coke of evil. Isn’t it enough that he is a born porn star shagger? Throw me a frickin bone here.

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