Holiday Trendiest

AB a Saint?

We have almost made it through year one of the trendiest! Kinda 🙂 Regardless, as the new year approaches Trump twitter assaults the Gov. of Cali, The Saints are desperate to win another Super Bowl, Rachel Maddow is full of hot air and The Naval Academy’s Midshipmen and West Point’s Cadets are just young people playing a dumb game. duh.

trendiest score fire
Trump spends holiday tweet attacking California Gov. Newsom 0.8 0.9
Christmas Party Turns Into Tragedy in Philly 0.7 0.7
Antonio Brown to the Saints? 0.6 0.6
Rachel Maddow rooted for the Steele dossier to be true. Then it fell apart 0.6 0.5
The Ok Sign, The Naval Academy’s Midshipmen and West Point’s Cadets 0.5 0.5
The 2nd entry in today’s Trendiest about California homelessness issue… 0.4 0.3
Amazon Stock is Trending. After Christmas. Imagine that. 0.3 0.2
Kevin Spacey accuser of sexual misconduct dies. By suicide… 0.2 0.2
Zion Williamson has to learn how to run again? 0.2 0.1
Intermittent Fasting – you heard? 0.1 0.1

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