Trending New Years Eve Eve

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Sharon Stone

On the Penultimate day of 2019 a former NYC mayor blames waves of anti-semitic attacks on current mayor, Sharon Stone can’t get hooked up, #PresidentSanders is a thing on twitter, and only on Twitter, and the NFL playoff picture is set.

trendiest score fire
Rudy Giuliani Blames de Blasio For Wave Of Anti-Semitic Attacks 0.8 0.8
Sharon Stone blocked on Bumble after users thought her profile was fake 0.6 0.6
Texas church shooting shooter was a great shot, thank goodness. 0.5 0.6
NFL Playoff Picture Scenarios and Wild-Card Bracket 0.4 0.5
#2020WillBeTheYearFor is trending on Twitter 0.4 0.3
Instagram defines 2010’s social media. 0.3 0.3
Five Stabbed Inside Rabbi’s Home On Seventh Day Of Hanukkah 0.3 0.2
2020 The year Chinese diplomacy went social 0.2 0.1
#PresidentSanders 0.1 0.2
The Gentlemen Official Trailer 0.1 0.1

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