Trending on New Years Day

Post Malone

Today is the first day of 2020 and the leader of Iran told Donald Trump “You can’t do a damn thing!”, Post Malone falls down, AT&T is still awful, and Australia is on fire.

trendiest score fire
Ayatollah Khamenei tells Donald Trump ‘You can’t do a damn thing!’ 0.9 0.8
GOP Sen. Susan Collins Sides With Mitch McConnell On Impeachment Trial 0.8 0.6
#2020SoFar is trending on Twitter 0.5 0.7
West Virginia Governor Fires Cadets Who Posed In Nazi Salute 0.6 0.5
Chief Justice Warns of Internet Fake News, doesn’t mention Fox News 0.4 0.5
Let he who hasn’t fallen on New Years eve shittalk Post Malone 0.5 0.3
New Year’s resolutions for 2020 0.4 0.2
AT&T Laying Off Americans, Forces Them to Train Foreign Replacements 0.3 0.2
Australia is on Fire 0.2 0.2
Is Jason Garrett Out as Dallas Cowboys’ Coach? 0.1 0.2

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