Trending on January 6th 2020

Ricky Gervais Golden Globe Hero

Today, on the day that everyone has to go back to work after the holidays, is the biggest news day we have ever recorded over the last 372 days that we have tracked the news. I guess that is what happens when the President declares war on Twitter…

trendiest score fire
Iranian Regime Offers $80 Million for President Trumps Head 0.9 0.9
You had me at pizza robots 0.8 0.7
Tua Tagovailoa is entering NFL draft 0.8 0.6
The Epic Stock Market Crash of 2020 Is Officially Here 0.6 0.7
People in the United States are not making enough babies… 0.7 0.5
U.S. House Will Vote To Limit Trump’s War Powers 0.4 0.5
Ricky Gervais does not give AF and is our new hero 0.3 0.4
The Cowboys hire GreenBay’s Ex 0.4 0.2
George Lopez says Iran would only have to pay him half the Trump Bounty 0.2 0.3
US announces AI software export restrictions 0.2 0.2

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