Trending January 7th 2020

Mike Pompeo

On the 7th of January Tehran retaliates with their missiles, the new PlayStation logo spells piss, Mike Pompeo won’t show us the money, and the Giants hire… Joe Judge?

trendiest score fire
Tehran launches ‘tens’ of missiles at Iraqi base housing U.S. troops 0.8 0.7
Logan Paul has lost his damn mind – wants to fight Antonio Brown 0.7 0.7
Jeopardy is having a Greatest of All Time tournament 0.7 0.6
Former homeless Raiders rookie Josh Jacobs buys father a new house 0.6 0.7
Sony new PlayStation 5 logo spells piss 0.6 0.5
Who the hell is Joe Judge? 0.4 0.5
XRP And Ripple Unexpectedly Face Major Blow in Japan delisted on bitbox. 0.3 0.4
Banks block money sent to crypto exchange Kraken 0.3 0.2
Puerto Rico’s wake up to a Deadly 6.4 Magnitude Quake 0.2 0.3
Mike Pompeo again declines to present evidence of ‘imminent’ threat 0.2 0.2

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