Trending on Jan. 8th 2020

Meek Mill

Today President Trump did not attack 52 places in Iran but did say that Iran went on a terror spree paid for by Obama, Meek Mill proves yet again that he is a smart man, The Witcher outperformed The Madalorian, and thousands of businesses crash along with QuickBooks.

trendiest score fire
Trump said Iran Went on a Terror Spree. Paid for by Obama? 0.8 0.8
If you get a text message telling you you’ve been drafted, it’s fake… 0.6 0.7
176 Dead Include in Boeing Iran Crash 0.7 0.5
Meek Mill advises guys to make money and forget about Girlfriends 0.5 0.7
McConnell declares himself king of the Senate, will set Rules for Impeachment. 0.5 0.5
The Witcher outperforms The Mandalorian despite popular wisdom. 0.4 0.3
Is this the worst national security in United States History? 0.3 0.3
Thousands locked out of QuickBooks Online in major outage 0.3 0.2
100% of ISIS is trending on Twitter 0.2 0.1
The Official Trailer for Netflix’s Locke & Key drops 0.1 0.2

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