the trendiest

Trendiest.Today was inspired by the lovely Teresa Gail and all her quirky questions..

It all started with a little python script on my desktop computer that goes through all the data that I collect each day and comes up with a hot list. Hotness is completely up to the algorithm; and sometimes the algorithm is drunk.

Like Trending on Twitter but not manipulated.

It then sends this list up to a WordPress site as a post.  I jump through some hoops that I am sure real programmers would turn their nose up at, but it works, is safe, and fast…

One day the ‘afore mentioned Teresa Gail said “If the code was on the server, it would still work when the electricity goes out”.   She wasn’t wrong. I decided that moving the code to the cloud was the perfect time to move the project to its ultimate dns destination.

We decided to go with a .today name as a way to illustrate the timeliness of the data –