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Trending on the 14th of January 2020

LSU won the National Championship last night, tonight’s debate #sowhite, Trump takes more money away from the military, and the Houston Astros were not cheating in the way prescribed by MLB..

AB a Saint?

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We have almost made it through year one of the trendiest! Kinda 🙂 Regardless, as the new year approaches Trump twitter assaults the Gov. of Cali, The Saints are desperate to win another Super Bowl, Rachel Maddow is full of hot air and The Naval Academy’s Midshipmen and West Point’s Cadets are just young people playing a dumb game. duh.

Trendiest Today Weekend Edition

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The Raiders done kicked Mr. Big Chest off the damn team! How long until the Redskins try and sign him? In other news Joe Biden wants to be president but his eyes keep filling up with blood…