Sharon Stone

Trending New Years Eve Eve

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On the Penultimate day of 2019 a former NYC mayor blames waves of anti-semitic attacks on current mayor, Sharon Stone can’t get hooked up, #PresidentSanders is a thing on twitter, and only on Twitter, and the NFL playoff picture is set.

impeach donnie

Impeachment Hearings is Trending Today

President Porn Star shagger asks nation to pray for him, ’cause: impeachment! In other news Twitter wants Trump to resign, the House of Representatives does the most newsworthy thing of the year so far, and some Russian generals say World War 3 is just around the corner… Merry Holidays!


Trending December 16th 2019

Today I learned that the Internet hates Mayor Pete, Trump still dominates the news, Carly says he should be impeached but that she would prolly vote for him, and PewDiePie is tired.

Trendiest Today NFL Edition

Mason Rudolph got knocked the F out in the Steelers Ravens game, Troy Aikman resents that today’s QB’s don’t take the beating that he did, and the Cowboys suck.

The Trendiest Today the 9th of September

Trending This Monday

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Chrissy Teigen calls the President of the United States a “pussy ass bitch”, The NFL dominates the headlines like nothing else all year to date, and I betcha forgot to be scared of the Taliban, didn’tcha?