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Trending on January 6th 2020

Today, on the day that everyone has to go back to work after the holidays, is the biggest news day we have ever recorded over the last 372 days that we have tracked the news. I guess that is what happens when the President declares war on Twitter


Trending January 3rd 2020

On the 3rd day of 2020 WW3 is trending on Twitter, Iran promises to avenge Trump’s assassination of Soleimani, Chrissy Teigen humiliates Melania, and Troy Aikman thinks Jerry Jones should fire Jerry Jones…

AB a Saint?

Holiday Trendiest

We have almost made it through year one of the trendiest! Kinda 🙂 Regardless, as the new year approaches Trump twitter assaults the Gov. of Cali, The Saints are desperate to win another Super Bowl, Rachel Maddow is full of hot air and The Naval Academy’s Midshipmen and West Point’s Cadets are just young people playing a dumb game. duh.

impeach donnie

Impeachment Hearings is Trending Today

President Porn Star shagger asks nation to pray for him, ’cause: impeachment! In other news Twitter wants Trump to resign, the House of Representatives does the most newsworthy thing of the year so far, and some Russian generals say World War 3 is just around the corner… Merry Holidays!


Trending December 16th 2019

Today I learned that the Internet hates Mayor Pete, Trump still dominates the news, Carly says he should be impeached but that she would prolly vote for him, and PewDiePie is tired.

Trump Impeachment

The Trendiest Trends Today

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The House publishes Articles of Impeachment, Trump calls the FBI scum, and Vanna White hosts Wheel of Fortune for the first time in 37 years…